Water Reflection in Photoshop!

A great tutorial for Graphic Designers! The technique is used all over the design world and has been made famous by photoshop, it has been made easy to apply this effect because of photoshop!

Step 1

Open a new Photoshop document with a black background. Import in your document a picture like the below:

Step 2

Duplicate the layout with the picture and choose Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical. Move the duplicate picture:

Step 3

Now Filter > Liquify and distort the duplicate picture. Choose the Brush Tool in the Tab Tools “Airbrush Soft Round 200” and delete a area to adjust the bottom of the duplicate picture. And the result:

Step 4

Create a new layer before the layer with the duplicate picture and draw a rectangle with the background color “#633100”. In the Tab Tools “Set the blending mode for layers” to “Color” and the result should be this:

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barryliam said...

Nobody seems to be leaving any comments :( come on guys what do ya think?

es said...

very good and thinks for sharing

Gaƫl said...

love it thks again

Anonymous said...

Very confusing instructions.... I dont get it. Why not show the screenshot of the tools.

I did everything that was told, and ended up with a brown background #633100. moved it up and down to be before duplicate layer and my subject has the background not what I see above.

Why are instructions designed for other instructors and not for students? Way too confusing.

Anonymous said...

neat trick..though had to do some juggling

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